About Cisco

Ever since I started getting in deep with technology, Cisco System Inc. was always my favorite. Every product they had I would be very curious to see what it did. I believe the first time I ever had the chance to have one of their products was when I got my router. Their network equipment makes the internet speed go so fast and is a good feeling knowing that. 

In my twitter account I found a profile from “LexmechanicBlackrail” and I as engage to a conversation, I had the opportunity to see the work he was working on and how he relates to Cisco System Inc. I personally think that his account is legitimate because he has done conferences with big and well recognize companies such as ” VBricks System” and others. In addition, he also publish a lot of information in which the young (16-25) audience would be interested on. Lastly, he also mention the stock market and where Cisco System Inc. is currently standing. 

I found another profile on Facebook from the CEO of Cisco System Inc. John Chambers. He talks about how Cisco is expanding and their latest new building in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. On top of that, they have a lot of new expectations from the company including support to various sectors, such as: oil and gas; sports and entertainment; healthcare; education; public safety and security; and Smart grid. I think I will continue following him because he keeps on constantly updating his profile and is legitimately since i can find the source from different websites just to make sure is true. What I found in his public pictures is how great the setting in which his employees are working on. That environment is fantastic!



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