What I Think of Copyright Laws and Why I Believe Remixing is Different from Plagiarism.

The idea of using someone’s idea to create your own is a great way for new creations. It makes sense knowing that in order for you create something new you have to have an idea of what is already created. Without influence there is no way to make something new. I would have to say that I do disagree with the copyright law because is basically blocking someone from creating something that perhaps would improve the quality of something that have already existed.  But my intentions are more for expanding rather than getting a profit out of it.

If you create something similar from someone else, you would automatically know the person that originally created it. A good example is the theme sound from “better off alone by Deejay Alice” (search in YouTube), who was than added by “David Guetta featuring Chris Brown” in their song “Work Hard, Play Hard” (also search in You Tube). Even though the two songs have the same foundation, David Guetta along with Chris Brown remix made a different connection with the song. Because it gave the audience a different meaning behind it. In addition, by creating a remix of a product already made gives the old product, and the new product popularity since the original one would have already decayed. I think the biggest flaw falls when the producers intent to ruin (by suing), the creation from a person’s idea, just because he/she used some of the original producers ideas to influence his creation, just for the intention of profit. Is understandable that the producer would get upset about someone else using his idea but the big question is from what influence did the original creator used to create his idea. Another great example is the way electronic music was created. Dub-step (a branch from the electronic music industry) was created from pieces of music and they added so many more parts to it that it sometimes debatable whether or not the music is copied or not. I don’t believe that remixing is plagiarism. 


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