My Digital Story Telling.

I created a digital story with this software that I found through Google Chrome. It’s called “WeVideo”. This software is used to create, and edit videos. I honestly can say that this software is one of the best video creator I have used because it makes everything very easy to use and you can create just about anything. So if you feel creative, this would be a great place to start. 

When I started doing this video a couple days ago, I asked myself “I want something meaningful with a lot of power”. So, I thought about patriotism. On my video I decided to use the Air Force. I search for pictures from Google showing the great aspects of what the military does to people. I also bought a soundtrack from iTunes to add into my video. The soundtrack I used is usually used for running long distances in the military. I also added transitions to make the video look more interesting. I think that the military is a great way to shape people into tomorrow’s citizens and give an understanding of the diversity that our country offers. By looking at my video, you can have an understanding of what majority of these soldiers have to go through to pass their military examinations. One of the messages that I also wanted to stick out the most was the integrity. While everyone is suffering side by side, you create a bond that is very strong. This bond generally creates trust and builds the foundation of what serving the country is all about. 

Here is the link to my video, hope you enjoy!:


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