Thoughts throughout the semester

Before I was in the course, all I could think about computers where: online games, Facebook and iTunes. these were the only softwares I used to commonly used. Now, I get to have all this other softwares that I can use. 

One of the best software I was able to use and like a lot, was word press. At first, I didn’t know how to feel about it since there was a whole bunch of buttons to press and stuff. Now, I am able to use it as easily as browsing on Facebook. I find word press very interested because I’m creating a portfolio of me. My opinions, thoughts and what I think is vital. Now that I’m well around it I’m able to create events. 

Is very cool how looking back at all my post, I can still recall the feelings and experiences I felt as I was doing the projects. One of the most vivid memory i have of a project in the semester was Google drive. I’m fascinated on how much stuff you can do with it. I think that 15 Gb of memory is great to carry around without the need to have a physical memory that you have to carry around with you all the time. Being able to upload or download things from anything that uses a internet connection is such a great flexibility. One of the best features is its compatibility with any devices such as my iPhone.  

I honestly can say that this class was definitely one of my favorites. Is basically getting a good grade for being creative and for making crazy editing such as “” since you’re able to add what ever you can think of. 

All of my post sound like if another me grew up inside of me. A side that has nothing that can be stopped. Which makes me believe that college is more like a life experience. The reason I say this is because a lot of the courses don’t really seemed to be aiming directly to a single job or job skill. I feel that the classes are for expanding our ways of thinking about many aspects of the world. Jobs, are just a single aspect that is broken into several branches. So this is why I think college is more about a life experience. We learn. Not train for a job skill. 



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