Thoughts about Social Networking and Online Learning.

Now a days anyone can post anything online either to obtain a popularity or to inform the community about anything new that is going on in your life. As you can see, there is an unlimited amount of pros and cons because everyone that is using the social network is because he(she) has something to say and want to express it.

One of the major pros in my personal opinion is how fast you can inform people or teach people to learn new things. There is websites like “YouTube” in which they can teach you how to do something you never knew you could not learn without attending school. I believe that online learning is a great way of learning because you move on a faster paste, as well as searching for the material needed for the class.

Although one of the major consequences that social network brought was the cyber-bullying. This is a big problem because people and attack other people without giving out their identity. On top of that, using blogs for the wrong purpose can cause a lot of damage to the person that is being bullied.


My thoughts about CISC101

Projects like the “word press” ones are great! although sometimes they are a pain but overall is just great. I would really like to have a glance to what Java is all about. In addition, I always wanted to know how do does Linux kernel work. Just a glance! nothing hardcore.

Overall, my biggest expectation for this class is being able to get into a deepers understanding and expand my creativity computer softwares. Like