Thoughts throughout the semester

Before I was in the course, all I could think about computers where: online games, Facebook and iTunes. these were the only softwares I used to commonly used. Now, I get to have all this other softwares that I can use. 

One of the best software I was able to use and like a lot, was word press. At first, I didn’t know how to feel about it since there was a whole bunch of buttons to press and stuff. Now, I am able to use it as easily as browsing on Facebook. I find word press very interested because I’m creating a portfolio of me. My opinions, thoughts and what I think is vital. Now that I’m well around it I’m able to create events. 

Is very cool how looking back at all my post, I can still recall the feelings and experiences I felt as I was doing the projects. One of the most vivid memory i have of a project in the semester was Google drive. I’m fascinated on how much stuff you can do with it. I think that 15 Gb of memory is great to carry around without the need to have a physical memory that you have to carry around with you all the time. Being able to upload or download things from anything that uses a internet connection is such a great flexibility. One of the best features is its compatibility with any devices such as my iPhone.  

I honestly can say that this class was definitely one of my favorites. Is basically getting a good grade for being creative and for making crazy editing such as “” since you’re able to add what ever you can think of. 

All of my post sound like if another me grew up inside of me. A side that has nothing that can be stopped. Which makes me believe that college is more like a life experience. The reason I say this is because a lot of the courses don’t really seemed to be aiming directly to a single job or job skill. I feel that the classes are for expanding our ways of thinking about many aspects of the world. Jobs, are just a single aspect that is broken into several branches. So this is why I think college is more about a life experience. We learn. Not train for a job skill. 



My Digital Story Telling.

I created a digital story with this software that I found through Google Chrome. It’s called “WeVideo”. This software is used to create, and edit videos. I honestly can say that this software is one of the best video creator I have used because it makes everything very easy to use and you can create just about anything. So if you feel creative, this would be a great place to start. 

When I started doing this video a couple days ago, I asked myself “I want something meaningful with a lot of power”. So, I thought about patriotism. On my video I decided to use the Air Force. I search for pictures from Google showing the great aspects of what the military does to people. I also bought a soundtrack from iTunes to add into my video. The soundtrack I used is usually used for running long distances in the military. I also added transitions to make the video look more interesting. I think that the military is a great way to shape people into tomorrow’s citizens and give an understanding of the diversity that our country offers. By looking at my video, you can have an understanding of what majority of these soldiers have to go through to pass their military examinations. One of the messages that I also wanted to stick out the most was the integrity. While everyone is suffering side by side, you create a bond that is very strong. This bond generally creates trust and builds the foundation of what serving the country is all about. 

Here is the link to my video, hope you enjoy!:

My Cool Tool! and my website!

I’m very passionate about soccer. I always wanted to learn how to design a website in which I could show the interest I have for the sport I’m so passionate about. Today is the first time I ever created a website and thanks to Google website I was able to make a website in which I was able to customize the way I wanted to (for the most part).

Now, my cool tool… Or should I Say tools. 

One of my favorite tool that I use a lot is Google maps. Without it, I would probably get lost. Thanks to this tool I was able to find locations (such as the University of Delaware: Downtown Center “UDDC”) and save the locations. I also use it for public transportation since it provides a list of public transportation that can take you anywhere around the state and most likely to others. 

Another tool I find to be very useful is sky drive. I usually save papers that are due a couple days. I like saving my documents in the drive just in case I forget to bring my USB. 



Thoughts of Gmail’s Drive and how Google use reCAPTCHA

I’ve been a huge fan of Google. I sometimes think Google as Disney world because they are both departmentalized into several departments or branches that function for a sole purpose. But when all those branches are all added together, you have a functional structure that serve every purpose. 

here is the link to the resume (fake) created from Google Doc:

Google has created great tools that work well the majority of majors offered by school. Even though I have use the tools offered by Google I’m always surprise with the features they provide. I also like their recaptchas! I think is very cool how they bring rare words from old text instead of words without meaning. Now I’m going to actually search some words from captchas just to know their meaning. No wonder is so popular! 

What I Think of Copyright Laws and Why I Believe Remixing is Different from Plagiarism.

The idea of using someone’s idea to create your own is a great way for new creations. It makes sense knowing that in order for you create something new you have to have an idea of what is already created. Without influence there is no way to make something new. I would have to say that I do disagree with the copyright law because is basically blocking someone from creating something that perhaps would improve the quality of something that have already existed.  But my intentions are more for expanding rather than getting a profit out of it.

If you create something similar from someone else, you would automatically know the person that originally created it. A good example is the theme sound from “better off alone by Deejay Alice” (search in YouTube), who was than added by “David Guetta featuring Chris Brown” in their song “Work Hard, Play Hard” (also search in You Tube). Even though the two songs have the same foundation, David Guetta along with Chris Brown remix made a different connection with the song. Because it gave the audience a different meaning behind it. In addition, by creating a remix of a product already made gives the old product, and the new product popularity since the original one would have already decayed. I think the biggest flaw falls when the producers intent to ruin (by suing), the creation from a person’s idea, just because he/she used some of the original producers ideas to influence his creation, just for the intention of profit. Is understandable that the producer would get upset about someone else using his idea but the big question is from what influence did the original creator used to create his idea. Another great example is the way electronic music was created. Dub-step (a branch from the electronic music industry) was created from pieces of music and they added so many more parts to it that it sometimes debatable whether or not the music is copied or not. I don’t believe that remixing is plagiarism. 

About Cisco

Ever since I started getting in deep with technology, Cisco System Inc. was always my favorite. Every product they had I would be very curious to see what it did. I believe the first time I ever had the chance to have one of their products was when I got my router. Their network equipment makes the internet speed go so fast and is a good feeling knowing that. 

In my twitter account I found a profile from “LexmechanicBlackrail” and I as engage to a conversation, I had the opportunity to see the work he was working on and how he relates to Cisco System Inc. I personally think that his account is legitimate because he has done conferences with big and well recognize companies such as ” VBricks System” and others. In addition, he also publish a lot of information in which the young (16-25) audience would be interested on. Lastly, he also mention the stock market and where Cisco System Inc. is currently standing. 

I found another profile on Facebook from the CEO of Cisco System Inc. John Chambers. He talks about how Cisco is expanding and their latest new building in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. On top of that, they have a lot of new expectations from the company including support to various sectors, such as: oil and gas; sports and entertainment; healthcare; education; public safety and security; and Smart grid. I think I will continue following him because he keeps on constantly updating his profile and is legitimately since i can find the source from different websites just to make sure is true. What I found in his public pictures is how great the setting in which his employees are working on. That environment is fantastic!


The use of the different tools

Is very useful. The program gave me an unlimited amount of ideas. One of the ideas in which I thought it was very useful was how I can manage to manage all my account at one. I think it is very incredible because before I would spend a lot of time writing post and making sure people would get them. But now, at a push of a button, everything gets informed to my contacts. Definitely a great program to use!